[okfn-help] FAO people at Open Everything Open Space meeting on 26th September

Josef Davies-Coates josef at uniteddiversity.com
Mon Oct 6 18:16:53 BST 2008

Hi all,

A couple of quick responses:

* Yes, we're still hoping to collaborate with Open Knowledge
Foundation (who, for those who haven't noticed is who is hosting this

* A date has not yet been confirmed. okfn are waiting to hear about
the date of another related event that it'd be good to tie into,
hopefully hear soon on that.

* I hope that event is at beg of April because I don't think we should
clash with Oekenux conference which is Fri-Sun of last weekend of

* The Hub KX can legally have 130 people in it.

* The currency thing mentioned was as per the Lime currency issued and
used during the WSFII Conference in Limehouse Townhall a while ago,
see: http://www.wsfii.org/wiki/TheLime and

(Jo Walsh : where has http://frot.org/wsfii/book/lets_and_limes.txt gone?)

* I like Beth's idea of having a sliding scale of prices but giving
everyone back 10 OpenCoins

* I believe Sofia said she'd help with facilitation and I said I'd try
and get Johnnie Moore to help out too

* Clodagh said she'd be up for helping with a participatory media
workshop to assist with documentation efforts.

* Some people from TIDES Foundation, Intel, Google etc have already
been involved in Open Everything stuff and I've facebook friended them
- I guess as a first port of call we should ask them if they've any
sponsorship ideas ;)

Think that all for me for now other than hope to see you all in the
IRC meeting Wednesday at 6.30pm in #ofkn on rc channel on oftc.net
(aside, why not freenode where most people are already in my

Moving forward...



2008/10/6 Beth Tilston <bethtilston at googlemail.com>:
> OK guys, here's my reading of what we said the other day.   Sorry about the
> delay – my computer's bust and it's been almost impossible to get in front
> of a computer for any length of time.  Please bear in mind when you read
> this that I wasn't taking notes as 'minutes' but just for myself.  There's a
> lot missing from here that I'd like other people to fill in.
> Firstly, and we didn't discuss this, I want to ask people what they think
> the aim of the two/three days would be?  When Chris and I were doing Reclaim
> the Web, we knew that our aim was to introduce activists (3rd Sector,
> volunteers, NGO employees etc) to social media, but it seems that our remit
> for this event  has become much wider than this.  Can we come up with an
> elevator pitch that I can give to people I meet at various moo-cardy
> events?  I guess this means defining the Open Space question.  This will
> also be important for writing proposals.
> What we spoke about on the 26th
> The Space
> We decided on the Hub KX for the event and as such are limited to the amount
> of people that the space will take (something over 100, Josef?).  The Hub KX
> was free at the end of March/beginning of April (see below).
> The Date and Time of the event
> The end of March/beginning of April was mooted as a good time for the
> event.  It was suggested that we join up with an event being organised by
> the Open Knowledge Foundation (??? – Josef?) and hold the event over two
> days.  Josef was tasked with following up on this which I think he has done
> and fed back to the group. As I will never get this written up if I start
> rooting around in my emails trying to work out what he said, I suggest that
> Josef tell us once again what the feedback on this was.  There were some
> suggestions that even if we don't pair up with the OKF, we hold a 2/3 day
> long event rather than a single day event.  This was suggested as Open Space
> discussions should be held over this length of time.
> Connection and Momentum
> We decided that we would set up a mailing list to communicate with each
> other.  This has been done.
> We talked about registration and how early registration would be important
> both from the point of view of knowing numbers but also so that we could
> begin to make connections between people before the event.  We also talked
> about getting people talking to each other before the event – perhaps on
> another mailing list.  It was suggested that we use a kind of collaborative
> approach to organising the event i.e. getting people to suggest and vote for
> people they'd like to see speaking there – Chris had some good ideas about
> this – Chris, can you remind us what you said?
> We discussed how we would disseminate the ideas collected at the event and
> how we would encourage people to connect afterwards.  Various mechanisms for
> doing this were put forward, wikis, collaborative text editors, using a Wii
> pen and keeping a digital record of notes, cameras and drawings, a live
> edited magazine but it became clear that we would need to have people
> present whose responsibility it was to document the proceedings.  We decided
> that there should be practice sessions in this beforehand.  It became clear
> that we would need to define a number of different roles and try to find
> volunteers.  We also decided we'd try and borrow/be given phones and cameras
> etc to document the day.
> Prior to the event
> We spoke about having practice sessions in effective documentation before
> the event (perhaps the day before) and also a session in 'visual
> facilitation'.  I don't remember what this was – can anyone help?  It was
> also suggested that the core team have practice sessions beforehand – can
> anyone remember what in?
> After the event
> We discussed how to keep the momentum generated by the day going or whether
> this was even our responsibility.  It was suggested that we get attendees to
> divide up into regions at the end and agree dates and times when they would
> meet to continue the conversation.
>  Infrastructure
> We discussed having some sort of event specific money so that we could give
> back to people all/most of what they paid for the event – and that they
> would then be able to spend this in local shops.   We spoke about whether we
> should charge for the event and everyone agreed that charging was ok, if
> only as a mechanism to make people attend.   No one wanted to have money be
> a barrier to attendance so we thought that we could have a clear policy of
> waiving entrance fees for anyone who couldn't afford them.  (Further idea
> from Beth – we have a sliding scale of ticket prices and we give back only
> the lowest amount on the scale i.e. we have a scale from £10-£40 and we give
> everyone back £10 in fake money)
> We discussed 'cosying up' the Hub KX with the inclusion of hammocks and bean
> bags etc.
> We stated that we'd like to get some sponsorship for this event and everyone
> was ok with that.  We decided that the next step in this would be developing
> a working proposal to send to potential sponsors.
> Open Space
> We discussed our experiences of Open Space Technology and we decided that we
> really needed someone to facilitate this.  We discussed how long an Open
> Space event should take and decided that the event should be at least two
> days long.
> Next Steps
> ·         Josef to badger Open Knowledge Foundation (??) for dates – has
> this now been superseded by events?
> ·         A cohesive proposal to be written collaboratively – two week
> I have cc'd in everyone's individual email addresses, but if you're already
> on the mailing list please let me know and I'll just send mail to there in
> the future.
> Beth xxx
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