[okfn-help] domainmodel cheeseshop problems

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Wed Sep 3 15:42:04 BST 2008

Hi Rufus,

Any idea how this situation has come about? :-)

Consider the following: I want install the latest domainmodel centrally, 
and do:

$ sudo easy_install domainmodel
Searching for domainmodel
Reading http://pypi.python.org/simple/domainmodel/
Reading http://www.kforgeproject.com/
Best match: domainmodel 0.3
Downloading http://www.kforgeproject.com/files/domainmodel-0.3.tar.gz
error: Can't download 
http://www.kforgeproject.com/files/domainmodel-0.3.tar.gz: 404 Not Found

I was hoping it would still go for 0.2, but it goes for 0.3. I did run 
'sdist'. I did copy trunk to tags, but since deleted it.

In particular, the latest stable KForge requires domainmodel>=0.2 (for 
reasons I fail to understand). I'm trying to prepare domainmodel 0.3. I 
clearly don't want to break already released stuff. But just preparing 
the new release has broken the old one (I would guess). How terrible!

Do you have any idea how this situation has come about?

Also, could you please describe me your understanding of how to release 
Python packages to the Cheeseshop in a controlled way?

Best wishes,


Appropriate Software Foundation
Telephone: 07811 392292

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