[okfn-help] Things to do in the Microfacts CSS/WUI

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Sep 24 19:59:12 BST 2008

Dear Nick,

As per the recent chat here is a rough list of some areas to look at in 
the Microfacts CSS/WUI. Also as the css expert anything else you think 
could be made to look nicer please do say and/or feel free to change.




Things to look at:

1. (minor) getting alpha as a proper <sup> in title

2. Menus (especially at side)

   1. Consistent side menus (Blocky ones look nice but other ones are 
just plain old bulleted lists). See [1]

   2. Should we move back to two tier top/horizontal menu?

   3. 'Blocky' side menu entries get displayed in horizontal line across 
rather than down in older versions of firefox.

3. Should set it so one can scroll through thread factlets without 
moving off top of page (o/w we lose side menu plus factlet info box). 
That is thread factlets div should be fixed to be screen height (think 
one can do this with overflow: auto; but you will no doubt know best). 
See [1] again.

4. Factlet edit form could be made nicer (and weird indenting fixed 
...). See


5. Sort out timeline controls (thing with +/- in it) to look reasonable 
(not completely botched as I've done them!). See


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