[okfn-help] Exporting diagram from Glinkr?

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Mon Aug 31 10:49:46 BST 2009

Hi Phillipe,

Many thanks for this!

Are there any plans to develop this? Would it be technically possible
to add other export formats in the future or would this involve some
major rewriting of the code?

I hope you are well!

Best wishes,


2009/8/31 Philippe Aigrain <philippe.aigrain at sopinspace.com>:

> Hi Jonathan,


> The state of exports from Glinkr is a bit shameful, for lack of possibility

> to put resources to develop it here. There is an export of the map contents

> to an XML project, but it is does not give you an ability to reprocess it.


> So... the only solution is screen capture. I have produced a screen copy for

> you (attached).


> Philippe


> Le mardi 25 août 2009, vous avez écrit :

>> Hi Philippe,


>> We've created a diagram showing the OKF's projects, working groups and

>> activities:


>> http://www.glinkr.net/map/spot/1392/


>> Is it possible to export this from Glinkr in some re-usable format

>> (jpg, html, ...)?





Jonathan Gray

Community Coordinator

The Open Knowledge Foundation


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