[okfn-help] fixing Open Geodata Manifesto pages

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Thu Nov 19 20:47:40 GMT 2009

dear all,

I was told that the old Open Geodata Manifesto pages were not working
- they are php and the web server is just returning the file, rather
than processing it as a script.

I wonder if the mime type and apache directives were installed would
the script still run and record signups - or is it better to move this
to archival status with a note about its time as a "petition" (so
James C was right in that it does sometimes help to have something to
sign up to, a statement of core concerns).

I have grabbed copies of the pages from archive.org and would be happy
to tweak and send, if it makes more sense just to shift to flat files
with a couple of redirects. I would try to set it up myself but i
don't think I have an account on the okfn server anymore. I can pop on
irc to try and be helpful.



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