[okfn-help] Backup work

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Tue May 25 15:21:53 BST 2010

Dear James and Martin,

I'm still not quite sure about the state of your guys efforts on the
backup front. As I missed you guys last night I had a stab on my own
at taking things forward.

1. I updated this document to reflect the current situation (as I
deciphered it):


2. I updated fabfile.py backup_report and started on backup_setup method.

At this point 'd be really grateful :) for some info on what machines
you've (starting) setup backup on already (and current status). I
would also like thoughts on:

  * s3 snapshots of ebs backups
  * recovery from backup plans (we clearly have to automate (and test)
recovery off backups for this to be really useful)


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