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Subject: [datameet] Open Knowledge Foundation visit to India - Meetup?
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Hi there datameeters,

My first post to the list, although I have been in touch with many of you
before - my name is Lucy Chambers, and I work for the Open Knowledge
Foundation (http://okfn.org), working to open up data (government,
research-based or cultural).

My colleague, Laura Newman, and I will be in Bangalore from 24th July - we
would love to meet up with those interested in Open Data (really gutted to
be missing the meetup in a couple of days' time (23rd). - please let us
know how it goes!)

We are also thinking about possibly trying to organise an event out there
e.g. a 'Data-Day' or hackday with some local data to bring
people together who are interested in these types of projects. I work on a
project called OpenSpending.org and am particularly keen to get a group
together who are interested in government money, taxes, subsidies etc.
Laura works on a new initiative called the 'School of Data' -
http://schoolofdata.org/ so is interested in meeting people to find out what
they would be most interested in learning data-skills-wise.

Meetup could be formal or very informal. Does this sound like something
which would be of interest? Please let us know :) We're also looking for
suggestions for places where this could be held.

We are planning on attending the Fifth Elephant event, so will be happy to
meet up with people there, but maybe it makes sense to have something

Btw - regarding Fifth Elephant both of us have submitted talks on our

OpenSpending - http://bit.ly/M3wXo2
School of Data - http://bit.ly/M3x9DC

We'd love to hear from you as to what you would be most interested in
hearing about as part of those talks - as we're happy to focus in more
closely on topics people find most interesting. I'm also hunting some good
local spending / subsidies data to work with in the session. If anyone has
any ideas, please do send me links!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

All the best,


Lucy Chambers
Community Coordinator,
OpenSpending <http://openspending.org/> & Data
Open Knowledge Foundation <http://okfn.org/>
Skype: lucyfediachambers
Twitter: @lucyfedia <https://twitter.com/#!/lucyfedia>

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Joint Secretary, Agricultural Research Service Scientists'
Convener, Open Access India <https://www.facebook.com/oaindia>
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Lucknow 227107, Uttar Pradesh, India
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