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hi Dr  Lucy


nice to know tht ur visiting India. if u r planning to visit Hyderabad, I can arrange some program MAKING USE OF UR PRESENCE

best wishes



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Hi there,

My first post to the list, allow me to introduce myself, I'm Lucy
Chambers - one of the community coordinators at OKFN, working
alongside Kat Braybrooke, who set up this list :)

My colleague Laura and I will be visiting 3 cities in India next
month, Bangalore (last week in July), Mumbai (first week in August)
and Delhi (second week in August) and would love to meet up with any
data-enthusiasts in those cities while we are there!

We are also thinking about possibly trying to organise some small
get-togethers while we are out there e.g. a 'Data-Days' or hackday
with some local data to bring people together who are interested in
these types of projects. I work on a project called OpenSpending.org
and am particularly keen to get a group together who are interested in
government money, taxes, subsidies etc. Laura works on a new
initiative called the 'School of Data' - http://schoolofdata.org/ so
is interested in meeting people to find out what they would be most
interested in learning data-skills-wise.

Meetups could be formal or very informal so please let us know if this
would be of interest by responding to this email:) We're also looking
for suggestions for places where these meetups could be held.

We are planning on attending the Fifth Elephant event in Bangalore
July 27th-28th, so will be happy to meet up with people there, but
maybe it makes sense to have something additional?

Btw - regarding Fifth Elephant both of us have submitted talks on our topics:

OpenSpending - http://bit.ly/M3wXo2
School of Data - http://bit.ly/M3x9DC

We'd love to hear from you as to what you would be most interested in
hearing about as part of those talks - as we're happy to focus in more
closely on topics people find most interesting. I'm also hunting some
good local spending / subsidies data to work with in the session. If
anyone has any ideas, please do send me links!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

All the best,


Lucy Chambers
Community Coordinator,
OpenSpending & Data Journalism
Open Knowledge Foundation
Skype: lucyfediachambers
Twitter: @lucyfedia

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