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Hi All,

It seems we have a momentum around open data developing globally right now.
Lets keep moving forward. Please see bellow.

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Subject: Announcing our new declaration on open data – and inviting your
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Fresh off the Global Open Data Initiative blog:

Announcing our new declaration on open data – and inviting your

John Wonderlich <http://okfn.org/members/johnwonderlich/> - October 22,
2013 in Announcements<http://globalopendatainitiative.org/category/announcements/>
, News <http://globalopendatainitiative.org/category/news/>

*The Global Open Data Initiative partners are excited today to share a
draft Declaration on Open Data, and would welcome comments and feedback on
its contents.*

Open Data has enormous unfulfilled promise to change how governments work
and to empower citizenship. Even as more governments and issue experts
discover new potential in the public release of data, civil society groups
still need clear guidelines and mechanisms for cooperation. Global Open
Data Initiative hopes to help provide both, and we hope this draft
declaration will help us fill that gap.

By building on existing efforts to gather guidelines and best practices,
and by building a clear, joint voice made up of outside groups, Global Open
Data Initiative hopes to provide a CSO-led vision for how open data should
Please give us your feedback

While we’re excited about the start we have, we want to hear from others
too. Does this draft adequately describe open data’s promise, and the
challenges we face in fulfilling it? Are there other issues it should
cover? Are there additional standards, initiatives, or guidelines to which
we should refer to (if even in an extended notes section)?

Click here to go to the Declaration on Open

Please read the declaration by following the link above and add your
thoughts in a comment. For more in depth conversation, please join our
discussion list<https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/global-open-data-initiative>
See original blog post:

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