[Okfn-irl] Fwd: New DGroups Mailing List, Discussion Forum, Library & Calendar

Flora Fleischer fleischer.flora at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 11:40:41 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

as discussed at our 1st meeting last Thursday here is the link to
DGroups<https://dgroups.org/hivos/ogp/ogpirl>which we can use for our
interaction while working on the OGP Action Plan.
For it to work everyone engaged in the conversation would need to sign up
to it. - It is much easier to navigate than Google Groups!

Also I have set up a collaborative set of working
documents<https://ogpirl.hackpad.com/>for us on the Hackpad
platform <https://ogpirl.hackpad.com/> (links to it also already in the Dgroups
It's another thing to sign up to but it is great for working together on
the same documents where emailing back and forth may not be a great
solution. You can sign up via google or can sign in to Hackpad to

I am trying to reach as many people as possible via these Google and OKFN
mailing lists, please let me know if I am missing anyone.


*Quick Intro to DGroups <https://dgroups.org/hivos/ogp/ogpirl>*

   - On the website "OGP irl" is a sub-community to the OGP Civil Society
   Group (good for connections and seeing what's going on elsewhere)

   - DGroups offers
   - *Calendar* - anybody can log on and see upcoming dates!
      - *Library
- we can have all documentation and collaborative work in one place!
      - *Discussion Forum* - speaks for itself

   - You can *set preferences* for receiving updates by email: My Account >
   Preferences > Email Frequency: Immediate, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, None
   - To contribute to a discussion via email, respond to the notification
   email you have received. Please note that your reply will be distributed to
   all group members.
   - To create a new discussion via email send an email with subject to
   ogpirl at dgroups.org
   - It only takes a minute or so to sign up :-).


*Thursday's Meeting*

It was good to get things kicked-off and have people come together!

It would be great if people could share their minutes here to keep the rest
of the community up to date:
this document is now also linked via DGroup

>From my point of view the immediate agenda for us now looks like this:

   - *By Monday/Tuesday:* Finalize a list of names of people who a) want to
   attend some or all of the meetings with DPER + leading role in sharing &
   collaborating with civil society and b) want to be part of a regular wider
   group. Please email suggestions of people we can contact or ask
them toadd names

   - *By Wednesday:* Outline our negotiation strategy for Thursday's
   Questions we want to ask and points we want to bring across. It would be
   great if everyone can just add what they want to ask/make sure of either as
   part of this discussion or add to the relevant working document.

   - Create a solid communication plan. I will try and post a suggestion

   - Create a job description for the note taker? Shall we do

What does everyone think?

Enjoy your Sundays -

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