[Okfn-is] freedom of information request/tracking platform in norway and iceland?

miska knapek miska at knapek.org
Fri Apr 25 12:40:10 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

I'm posting this as I was in touch with OKFN Denmark and Sweden about this,
and thought it made sense to mention it here too.

OKFN Denmark and OKFN Sweden have expressed a desire for an Freedom Of
Information Request site, something alike MySociety's WahtDoTheyKnow.

Perhaps OKF Finland might be able to lend a helping hand…
Basically the OKFN Norway/Iceland just need to provide some help
translating an OKFN FOI project, plus some help maintaining the site, and
otherwise OKFN Finland is ready to help get the show on the road - even
providing some hosting.

OKF Finland is setting up an instance of  a OKFN.de FOI issuing/tracking
project called Friode ( http://stefanw.github.io/froide/ ) . Froide is
currently the engine powering the German FOI sitehttps://fragdenstaat.de/.
 ( OKF Finland is also planning to do something about updating the graphic
design - with all respect to the current german aesthetics ;)

All's that needs to happen is that the system is translated into the
relevant language - eg. Danish - and for the relevant ministry/agency
contact details to be be entered into the system.   To make things heasy,
the hosting and server maintenance of the service can happen initially via
OKF Finland, while it might well make sense to transfer it to a local
server with time.

The translation of the site can happen rather easily. It's based on Django
( python ), all the texts are stored in one file, and there are online
sites which allow a community to collaboratively translate the texts from
one of the said files, and get a new localised file for use.   So as long
as people know how to translate, it's just another regular webinterface
that people need to use.

So, this is one possible way that Norway and Iceland could get a FOI system
going rather quickly.

OKF Finland is already involved in getting Froide installed in Sweden, so
doing all the Nordic countries would be quite easy ad desirable.

So, what do you think?
I realise establishing a consensus online is a bit tricky, but any general
notes and reflections are entirely welcome!

Thanks and all the best,


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