[Okfn-is] freedom of information request/tracking platform in norway and iceland?

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Sun Apr 27 10:51:30 UTC 2014

Hey Finnur, and everyone else ;)

Thanks for the notes Finnur. Good plans.

I talked to the the system admin at OKF FInland - Jaakko Kornhonen - and he
said the following:

- If the given country translates and puts in the local (authorities, etc…
) information, that's the largest part done.
( There's an community-translation-supporting platform OKF Finland has used
to translate Froide to Finnish and Finnish-Swedish, called
https://www.transifex.com/ that can be used ).
- OKF Finland can help a country get a Froide installation going,
- OKF Finland can help host the Froide instance o OKF Finland's servers,
perhaps not indefinitely but at least such that the platform gets running
and such that a given country can get the platform running on their own

So, if one can organise a community to translate, OKF Finland can help with
getting the Froide instance going, and host it for a while.

Hope this helps :)

all the best,


On 25 April 2014 16:41, Finnur Magnusson <gommit at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been thinking about setting up such a site for Iceland for a while
> now.
> We translated CKAN quickly so I think this should be rather straight
> forward.
> Please keep me informed about next steps.
> Best regards
> Finnur
> On 25 Apr 2014, at 14:40, miska knapek <miska at knapek.org> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm posting this as I was in touch with OKFN Denmark and Sweden about
> this, and thought it made sense to mention it here too.
> OKFN Denmark and OKFN Sweden have expressed a desire for an Freedom Of
> Information Request site, something alike MySociety's WahtDoTheyKnow.
> Perhaps OKF Finland might be able to lend a helping hand…
> Basically the OKFN Norway/Iceland just need to provide some help
> translating an OKFN FOI project, plus some help maintaining the site, and
> otherwise OKFN Finland is ready to help get the show on the road - even
> providing some hosting.
> So.
> OKF Finland is setting up an instance of  a OKFN.de FOI issuing/tracking
> project called Friode ( http://stefanw.github.io/froide/ ) . Froide is
> currently the engine powering the German FOI sitehttps://fragdenstaat.de/.
>  ( OKF Finland is also planning to do something about updating the graphic
> design - with all respect to the current german aesthetics ;)
>  All's that needs to happen is that the system is translated into the
> relevant language - eg. Danish - and for the relevant ministry/agency
> contact details to be be entered into the system.   To make things heasy,
> the hosting and server maintenance of the service can happen initially via
> OKF Finland, while it might well make sense to transfer it to a local
> server with time.
> The translation of the site can happen rather easily. It's based on Django
> ( python ), all the texts are stored in one file, and there are online
> sites which allow a community to collaboratively translate the texts from
> one of the said files, and get a new localised file for use.   So as long
> as people know how to translate, it's just another regular webinterface
> that people need to use.
> So, this is one possible way that Norway and Iceland could get a FOI
> system going rather quickly.
> OKF Finland is already involved in getting Froide installed in Sweden, so
> doing all the Nordic countries would be quite easy ad desirable.
> So, what do you think?
> I realise establishing a consensus online is a bit tricky, but any general
> notes and reflections are entirely welcome!
> Thanks and all the best,
> miska
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miska michael knapek - your local illusionist (designer)
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