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Stefano Costa steko a iosa.it
Mar 23 Apr 2013 17:07:48 UTC

Spero che nessuno ignori l'esistenza di questa bellissima iniziativa di
OKFN. Si stanno raccogliendo fondi per sostenere PDR e ogni contibuto 


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Hi Local Groups,

Just a friendly reminder that only one week remains of the fundraiser to
save the Public Domain Review.

Please spread the word! http://publicdomainreview.org/support/

- or this awesome animated GIF:

Thanks everyone,
-Christian & Adam

Christian Villum | @villum <http://www.twitter.com/villum>
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On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 10:58 AM, Christian Villum
<christian.villum a okfn.org <mailto:christian.villum a okfn.org>> wrote:

    Hello all,

    The Open Knowledge Foundation's project "The Public Domain Review"
    has launched it's major fundraising drive! Maybe you can help spread
    the message?


    For those not familiar with the project, it is an online journal
    started in 2011 dedicated to promoting all that is wonderful about
    the public domain. Through curated collections and articles by
    leading scholars, writers, and archivists it aims to celebrate and
    increase awareness about the richness and value of our shared
    digital commons.

    It needs to reach a target of $20,000 (ca. 13,000) to keep the
    project alive into 2014. It's past a third of the way there but
    still has a long way to go!

    Important to make this a success is drawing on the breadth of the
    Open Knowledge Foundation's network. That's where the Local Groups
    can come in!

    The main way we thought Local Groups could help out was sharing
    their local knowledge. Are there any country-specific
    communities/organisations that might be interested in the project
    and be willing to help spread the word? Perhaps some specific email
    lists? Media outlets? Even specific (wealthy!) individuals?

    And of course generally spreading the word more generally on
    Facebook and Twitter - the more people that know about the project
    and the campaign the better!

    Please share you thoughts/ideas.

    To learn more about The Public Domain Review and the fundraising
    campaign (including the rather special short film we made!) please


    Many thanks,
    Adam (& Christian)

    Christian Vilum | @villum <http://www.twitter.com/villum>
    /Community manager, Open Government Data (OGD)/
    /Community manager, Local Groups network (LG)/

    Open Knowledge Foundation <http://www.okfn.org/> | @okfn
    /Building the digital commons// - support our work: okfn.org/support

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