[okfn-dev] Two drafts for development applications

Dirk Heine dirk at common-future.org
Wed Dec 29 22:58:23 UTC 2010

Dear Rufus, Dear OKF-Developers,

My name is Dirk; Friedrich recently introduced me to OKF and I had the
chance to participate in one of your Open Economics phone-conferences in
October. In this meeting you called for proposals for development-apps and
today we send you two such drafts.

 These projects were realised with Guo Xu, research associate of DIW, and
through the advice of Friedrich. With all likelihood it will be too late for
the WB competition (although we are still trying to realise both projects
asap and maybe it would still be possible if you guys are interested in
taking on these projects together) but we hope to develop them jointly with
OKF in any case (irrespective of this app competition).

 You find the alpha version of the first application
here<http://eutopia.guoxu.org/>as a free-standing website and
here <http://apps.facebook.com/eutopia/> as a Facebook-application. Our plan
for the second application is attached.

 We would be grateful for a consideration if these two projects could become
part of your Open Economics framework. We would very much appreciate the
chance of developing these projects in this team and would value a soon

 With best wishes,

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