[okfn-dev] opencorrespondence server

print.crimes at yatterings.com print.crimes at yatterings.com
Tue Dec 14 10:36:44 UTC 2010

>> Sorry, a quick  query if I may re: eu9. As per the conversation on the open
>> literature list, I've downloaded OFS for the various endpoints. Not knowing
>> the structure of the services, is it easier for me just to work with the
>> file system version of OFS?

>What are you trying to do exactly here?

I'm trying to create the endpoints as flat files which are parsed when needed rater than the current re-parsing the latters to create the endpoint to parse for other purposes, so was I looking into OFS as per suggestion on the open literature list in November. 

I suppose for now, it would be easiest to create a file store using OFS and create / push the files into it since the endpoints are relatively small at the moment (assuming that the directory has write access but I can always enter a stream into the store if I've read the documentation correctly? so that shouldn't be an issue). 

>> Also, when I loaded it via PIP, I had to mess around with the setup.py as
>> the fo.open() needed to be outside of the try loop as Python didn't
>> recognise fo and when the .rst file appeared to be missing (or at least I
>> didn't see it in the path). Got it installed and it appears to be in the
>> path.

>Sounds like a bug in setup here. Could you explain where fo.open was
>you had problems with?

It was in the setup.py file in the try: catch: loop.


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