[okfn-dev] Weaving History/Microfacts?

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Tue Feb 1 20:11:43 UTC 2011

cc'ing okfn-dev (okfn dev list) -- hope you don't mind!

On 29 January 2011 20:50, John Ellingsworth <john at ellingsworth.org> wrote:
> Thanks Rufus; I'm glad it is still active.  I didn't see the bitbucket
> link anywhere on the weavinghistory.org site or any of the OKFN sites
> so it appeared as though it had stagnated a bit.
> Is the current weavinghistory.org site running the latest code?

Almost. I think it doesn't have the very latest commits from nick
stenning because they proved to be buggy in some browsers.

We have been thinking for a while of doing a big simplification of the
javascript side of things (the world has improved since we first
developed microfacts 3 years ago).

> I'm interested in setting up a local copy for testing some various
> ideas, but haven't researched the installation options (I haven't done
> any Python scripting/programming so there will be a bit of a learning
> curve there).   Is there a Microfacts discussion/support forum that
> might be useful to a newbie like me?  Would the OKFN mailing list be
> the place to post questions?

Yes, post on okfn-dev: http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/okfn-dev

> I think it is a great project and hope to find more ways to contribute.

It would be great to have your participation in whatever capacity
(even simply providing feature requests / bug reports is useful!)


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