[okfn-dev] Some questions about Annotator

Giovanni Ledda ledda at netseven.it
Mon Feb 28 14:32:33 UTC 2011

Hi all!
..my name is Giovanni Ledda, I'm a web developer in a small company in Pisa,
I'm very interested in your amazing JS plugin "Annotator" and I'd like to
ask you some questions about it.
I'm developing an open source library that should act like Annotator, giving
the users the possibility to annotate some web pages in order to store the
annotations in a Semantic triple-store.

I'm looking for a smart and *server side* way to store the DOM's fragments.
- Does Annotator provide this function (I read something about that but I
couldn't try)?
- And, if yes, how does it do (does it create some Json temporary file)?..I
mean..I think in your example web page (http://annotateit.org) the fragments
are saved inline...but, is there a way to tell Annotator to store them
permanently, on the server (I tried the example upon the Shakespeare
text..but when I refreshed the page, the annotations disappeared)?

And..just a few questions again:
- I found some "traces" of xpath in your code.. perhaps, have you utilized
xpointers to save fragments?
- Does your code save the whole DOM or just the higlighted fragments?
- Is there a way to interface the "store" plugin with a (for example) php
script, in order to save annotations in a sql DB (does the .rb file on the
Shakespeare example provide this functionality)?

Thank you in advance to pay attention to my questions! :-)

Yours faithfully


Giovanni Ledda
Net7 Srl
Via Marche, 10 - 56123 Pisa
Capitale Sociale 10.000,00 €
P.Iva e CF 01577590506
CCIAA di Pisa n. 01577590506 del 26/04/2001
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