[okfn-labs] Recline Data Explorer has local CSV file import support

Jessy Kate Schingler jessy at jessykate.com
Tue Apr 10 16:10:36 UTC 2012

> Hmm, weird. Works fine for me (that's a backbone error where we've
> load same doc twice or similar). If this is repeatable please file an
> issue and I'll try to investigate further.

it seems to be an issue with *just* that file. maybe a name conflict
somewhere. all the others i've tried have worked.

> > regarding the html5 local file api i recently came across this mozilla
> post
> > describing the issues with it - mostly lamenting, as you note, the
> > synchronous nature of file uploads and the performance effects.
> interesting
> > reading:
> >
> http://hacks.mozilla.org/2012/03/there-is-no-simple-solution-for-local-storage/
> I may be missing something but is that post not about localstorage
> rather than the File API (which is the ability to read and write from
> disk (in async manner))?

ah, yes indeed! :)

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