[okfn-labs] Blog post about PyBossa speedups

Gregor Aisch gregor.aisch at okfn.org
Thu Dec 13 20:43:35 UTC 2012


Accidentally almost simultaneously with Stefan I pushed a blog post about how to speed up PyBossa apps by pre-loading upcoming tasks while the user is solving the current one.


While writing this I gave the labs blog two amazing new blogging features: syntax highlighting and lightboxes!

To activate, just put

highlight: true
lightbox: true

in your posts YAML frontmatter, otherwise the libs won't be loaded. For lightboxing you need to link your images to a larger version (or to itself) and set rel="lightbox". As this is not possible with markdown alone you need to insert the link in ugly HTML.

Syntax highlighting uses highlight.js which trys to automatically guess your code snippets language.


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