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Excellent work, Daniel!

Where do we have more info about the Melanoma app?

There was namely this paragraph on the blog, but it is not on the website...

The demo project *Melanoma* comes from an idea conceived by a team at Sage
Bionetworks <http://sagebase.org/info/index.php>. Melanoma is one of the
most life-threatening forms of cancer and its incidence is on the rise. It
is often difficult for medical professionals to determine if a skin lesion
is cancerous or not, but if diagnosed early patients have a 95% chance of
survival. Advances in computer-aided image manipulation have improved the
diagnostic process, but the hope is that the combination of these
techniques and crowd-sourcing will improve these techniques further making
early diagnosis more common.

2012/6/26 Daniel Lombraña González <teleyinex at gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> http://pybossa.com/ <http://ReclineJS.com/> has added the option to
> provide an overview of the application in HTML.
> <https://github.com/PyBossa/pybossa/issues/96>
> While the overview or long_description is not mandatory, it is recommended
> to add it. If you check for example the Flickr Person app page <
> http://pybossa.com/app/flickrperson>, you will see that there are 3 tabs:
> Overview -> Explanation about the project + a big button to do some tasks
> Summary -> Some details about the app
> Tasks -> Done and On Going ones. People can get the results directly from
> the completed tasks.
> The documentation has been updated in order to include this new feature.
> Cheers,
> Daniel
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> http://github.com/teleyinex
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/teleyinex
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> Por favor, NO utilice formatos de archivo propietarios para el
> intercambio de documentos, como DOC y XLS, sino PDF, HTML, RTF, TXT, CSV
> o cualquier otro que no obligue a utilizar un programa de un
> fabricante concreto para tratar la información contenida en él.
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