[okfn-labs] EU Generation Map / NGE

EUWatcher / Joop Hazenberg contact at euwatcher.eu
Mon Jan 14 13:42:33 UTC 2013

Hello all,

I would like to ask your input on the following project. Together with
a number of journalists and researchers, I am setting up a 'Generation
Map of Europe.' This map will be combined with a yearly 'Generation
Conflict Index'. The project is used to launch the new think-tank Next
Generation for Europe (NGE) - check it here: www.ng4.eu

The Generation Map should in the end be a mix of open data and
storytelling, in such a format that it's easily reused by media and
websites. We're starting with a map based on data aggregated from a
variety of sources such as Eurostat, the OECD, IMF and others. After
version 1.0 we want to take it further.

The map has to show the main negative and positive factors that
influence the future prospects of young Europeans. Based on this, we
will rank EU member states on our Generation Conflict index. This
index will indicate risks such as unemployment, but also rising costs
of the welfare state in each member state.

Ranking countries in this way will allow to kick-start a much-needed
debate on the position of young people in Europe. To address these
issues on a national scale is already difficult. But on a European
level, the plight of young people seems to be ignored altogether.

We are already trying to get funding for the basic research for Map
1.0 but could use much more help, as this exercise is quite
complicated! Especially in terms of data collection, visualisation and

If you have suggestions to take the Generation Map forward, let us know!

Many thanks in advance,
Joop Hazenberg

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