[okfn-labs] Distributing pybossa vagrant box issues

José Félix Ontañón felixonta at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 11:43:45 UTC 2013

Hi pybossa-team and friends!

I'm in a trouble trying to distribute a custom local pybossa environment.
First, I followed the wonderful pybossa tutorial about how to deploy
pybossa with vagrant[1]. It worked perfectly: Then I could run pybossa
server with:

$ vagrant ssh
$ cd /vagrant
$ source vagrant_start.sh

Then I followed the vagrant-packaging tutorial[2] for distributing my
pybossa environment on a vagrant box. Two issues came after deploying this

(a) It didn't auto-forward the 5000 port (pybossa web server)
(b) The /vagrant directory only has a file called Vagrantfile and not the
pybossa server.

Now I'm stucked ... I'm not an expert with vagrant, so I can't determine if
this is a matter of configuring the vagrant box/environment or an issue
with pybossa vagrant configuration.

Does anyone would be so nice to give me a hand?
Kind regards,

[1] http://docs.pybossa.com/en/latest/vagrant_pybossa.html
[2] http://docs-v1.vagrantup.com/v1/docs/getting-started/packaging.html

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