[okfn-labs] Limit ElasticSearch files in query

Kubes pkubat.mlist at freepricealerts.com
Fri Mar 15 17:04:35 UTC 2013


Where is the correct place to specify the fields that will be returned for
a ElasticSearch backend query?  I want to limit which fields are returned.

I have tried in the dataset and also the query, but neither seems to work.

  var fields = new recline.Model.FieldList([ new recline.Model.Field({
label: "title"}), new recline.Model.Field({ label: "author"}) ]);

  var dataset = new recline.Model.Dataset({
    url: 'http://es.domain.com:9200/items/books',
    backend: 'elasticsearch',
    fields: fields

Also tried

  var query= new recline.Model.Query({
     query: {query_string: {query: 'war and peace'},
        fields: ["title^5","author^3"] },
     size: 10,
     fields: fields

Can someone please provide an example?

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