[okfn-labs] analysis of the responses to the EU copyright consultation

Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich at pudo.org
Mon Apr 7 09:42:27 UTC 2014

Hey Paul, 

Matthias Schindler of Wikimedia Germany was in touch with the Commission about getting early access to the data and possibly organising a hack day around them. He had some pretty awesome ideas for the types of analysis he’d like to see. Are you guys in touch about this already? 

- Friedrich 

On 06 Apr 2014, at 22:24, Paul Keller <paul.keller at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi List (i am new to this list, subscribed for the purpose of asking this question, you can find more about me here: http://www.kennisland.nl/en/about-kennisland/people/paul-keller)
> I had send the mail below to Jonathan Gray and Rufus and Jonathan has suggested that i repost it here as people on this list might be in a position to help or come with suggestions. If that is so please fell free to get back to me either on list or off list. 
> best, Paul 
> On 03 Apr 2014, at 22:16, Paul Keller <pk at kl.nl> wrote:
>> Hi Jonathan and Rufus, 
>> Alek and i and a couple of other folks working on EU copyright reform have been thinking about what to do with the responses to the consultation once they are published. While we have no idea when (probably sooner than later) the commission or how the commission will publish the 11.000 results we think that e need to be prepared for when they do. Given the fact that 11.000 answers are somewhat impossible to analyse by the small group working on this we were thinking about the possibilities of either automated data analysis or crowdsourcing. I have drawn up a short document that describes the problem at hand which you can find here:
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NiE-rs_5SV3GNWQ13BV19e_oJY5DWajxGQXAOSJDjaQ/edit?usp=sharing
>> Given that you guys work a lot with data we were wondering if you have any ideas if this is something that can possibly be done automatically and if you know anyone who could help with this (we have some funds (think a couple of thousand € max) to pay for work on this). If you have any suggestions or pointers to the right mailing list would be much appreciated. a
>> all the best, Paul 
>> p.s if you want to take a look at a sample of the responses you can find a zip file with 10 random submissions here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/153088/responses.zip
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