[okfn-labs] Python Iterator over table (csv) *columns*

Paul Walsh paulywalsh at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 09:17:21 UTC 2014

Yes I know, I’m looking for some magic, or at least some possible approaches that anyone may have used in some context.

> On 17 Dec 2014, at 10:45, Tarek Amr <tarekamr at gmail.com> wrote:
> I do not think this is possible, there is no way to tell beforehand the indices for each new line without reading the whole file in memory to search for '\n's, also cells in the case of CSV are not of a fixed size, so no way build indices for cells without reading the whole line in memory looking for separators. 
> Nevertheless, may be there is some magical solution out there that I don't know.
> On Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 8:23 AM, Paul Walsh <paulywalsh at gmail.com <mailto:paulywalsh at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone have or know of a nice (existing) solution for iterative reading of CSV/table data by *column*? It needs to be an iterator - I don’t want everything in memory.
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