[okfn-labs] Grano, come play!

Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich at pudo.org
Mon Mar 31 16:40:20 UTC 2014

Hi all, 

as some of you may already have seen, I’ve started Grano, an effort to make a reusable, adaptable and open source tool that helps journalists and researchers to map relations between people, companies and institutions. 

I’ve written up some of the thinking behind this project - and why I think it’ll be useful - here: http://pudo.org/blog/2014/03/30/grano.html

If you just want to play around, here’s a prototype admin UI: http://beta.grano.cc/#/p/kompromatron/entities/CpLVnWBTd7zruH4

Obviously, I can’t just code this up on my own - so I’m looking for people who want to join in and hack on this. There are plenty of potential users - investigative journalists, NGOs and activists, but we need more muscle on implementation. For example, here’s a few of the upcoming tasks: 

* Building an easy-to-use CSV importer
* Design a query interface for the graph, or adapt an existing solution (e.g. Cypher, …)
* Building in an editorial workflow for core team members to review assertions made by other users
* Make a visual graph browser that goes beyond the “hairball” approach

If any of that sounds like an interesting problem to you; or if you have any other comments: please shout! 


- Friedrich 

p.s. Since I’ve talked about nomenklatura on this list before, a side note: grano is in many ways an evolution of that, and the nomenklatura interface will soon be re-based on grano. People can then de-duplicate entities directly in grano while still also having all the functions of nomenklatura as a stand-alone thing. 
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