[okfn-labs] Question regarding data package distribution

stef s at ctrlc.hu
Tue Mar 31 18:43:48 UTC 2015

On Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 11:22:37AM -0700, Alvaro Graves wrote:
> I would suggest to only use Github.

let me argue against this, the way google just dispensed with google code can
happen anytime to github as well, someone buys them, and poof. also
interesting the alleged ddos against github over the last couple of days,
github does contain stuff, that makes some people uncomfortable, so it's a
nice target. i enjoy the convenience github provides myself, but i would
suggest to host in a more redundant way, besides github, use a canonical
hostname/url that you control, that will not be affected by 3rd party
commercial interests. if you consider the drawbacks of commercial patent
databases you might also understand why privileging one commercial entity
might be avoided.

actually if your data is big enough, like my parltrack db is +10GB, it might
make a lot more sense to go torrent with the data.

otr fp: https://www.ctrlc.hu/~stef/otr.txt

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