[okfn-labs] OpenSpending Next: Roadmap

Paul Walsh paulywalsh at gmail.com
Thu May 21 09:32:50 UTC 2015

Hi all,

(copied from: https://discuss.okfn.org/t/2015-near-term-technical-roadmap-for-openspending/264/4)

I've booted a simple Jekyll site for all the roadmap and specification work on the new OpenSpending (which I've dubbed OpenSpending Next in absence of anything better to call it):


Important links:

	• Roadmap (http://labs.openspending.org/next/roadmap.html)
	• Components and Teams (http://labs.openspending.org/next/roadmap.html#components-and-teams): Work will focus on specific components. This section makes those explicit, provides some ballpark estimates, and provides a way to register interest in joining a team

The site is hosted on GitHub Pages:

	• https://github.com/openspending/next

We welcome pull requests and issues to make suggestions on the existing roadmap, and to help out with the specifications - particular user stories and use cases at this stage. Every page has a link for editing, to make this easier.



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