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Oleg Lavrovsky oleg at opendata.ch
Thu May 14 19:58:36 UTC 2015

Hello all,

Thanks for joining/watching the Hangout today. If you missed it because
of the fumble we had at the start, please accept my sincere apologies
for the mix up. Next month's meeting is already set up, and you can find
and quickly add upcoming events to your calendar here:

The recording of our call today is available here:

Meeting notes from the pad follow. See you next month!



/We covered:/

  * Anders: how NRGI uses OpenSpending and Data Packages
  * OpenSpending Roadmap and Next Goals [Paul Walsh]
  * Swiss Open Research Data hackdays <http://make.opendata.ch> [Oleg]
  * Ad-hoc idea: who wants to help build an open what3words.com? [Friedrich]
  * Current issues and operational updates from Open Knowledge Labs
  * Labs - Tech Vision and Roadmap
  * Charter for Labs - extending http://okfnlabs.org/about/
  * Routes in for contribution
  * Reaching out to other lists and connecting with Open Knowledge local

/Participants included:/

  * Rufus Pollock / @rufuspollock / @rgrp -
  * Oleg Lavrovsky / @loleg / http://oleg.utou.ch
  * Anders Pedersen
  * Meg Foulkes
  * Anna Alberts
  * Steve Adcock, gsaintheusa at gmail.com
  * elaine wong/@elthenerd

*Anders Pedersen, NRGI (Natural Resource Governance Institute)*


- Great to present as work at NRGI connects with OpenSpending and Data
- Extractives data space - income and spending re mining, oil, gas etc
- Increasing amount of data but not very standardized - hard to compare
and understand
- What do we need to make meaningful stories at the national level -
looking at Data Packages as a lightweight solution here to help out
Potential datasets to develop as data packages:
 - World Bank governance indicators straight in so they could be
compared to e.g. extractives situation
 - Also commodity prices [ed: cf
https://github.com/datasets/registry/issues/5 - commodity prices]
 - Blog series on falling commodity prices:
*Paul Walsh**
- OpenSpending - running since 2010
near term roadmap (in progress):
share user stories/use cases:
OSEPs: http://labs.openspending.org/osep/
- Discussion about re-architecting the technical platform, formalise a
work plan for next year focused on a MVP
- Looking for stories, use cases, especially things you cannot do today
with OpenSpending (see forum link above)
- Seeing exponential growth,
- Standardising on the Open Spending Data Package and improving ETL &
API are goals in the new architecture
- Maximize the speed with which users go from uploading data to a
working visualisation is a priority
- Comparative analysis between datasets/countries is the holy grail,
relies on quality of data, see
180 datasets in Japan, several dozen in DE, ...
Sneak previews SpenDB:


- Running an Open Research Data hackathon in Switzerland on June 5 & 6
- Part of this will be a data literacy / data quality workshop with a
focus on science data, follow @sodacamper for info
- Any ideas of sciency datasets, Labs tools we should try use  I can
provide some of these from the oil and gas industry. One example (3D viz
and data analysis): www.opendtect.org


- Working on http://givemetext.okfnlabs.org/ <- prototype


- Vision of Labs is not just about a set of projects:
What technology we think should exist
Why we want it
What, specifically, Open Knowledge (Labs) should focus on
- Database, wrangling tooling, ability to collaborate around data
- A common outlook even if we are working on individual projects
- We are a loose collective, people can come and work on what they like
- "Not the architecture of a house - more like the layout of a park"
- Not producing an ecosystem, but helping to shape one - an artist
collective, with shared principles

*Community charter*

- How to get the community to participate more (newsletter, local leads,
- People should feel bold about sharing with the list
- Tools to help with their own data wrangling projects
- What would be really exciting and fun for people getting involved with us?
- Interface with the OpenDataHandbook.org
- Set up mentorships between members, and with wider community
A couple of ways we might approach this (I can't figure out how to
verbally connect on the hangout):
tiered giveaways (online stickers, bumber stickers, tshirts) for various
levels of participation
a commercial backin for developers - the ability to sell feature addons
to open source software labs builds
our business model at dGB (www.dgbes.com) attempts to merge this open
source + commercial approach

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