[okfn-labs] Next Labs online hangout and upcoming in-person events

Daniel Fowler daniel.fowler at okfn.org
Thu Apr 14 07:50:24 UTC 2016

Hi Labs,

There are some exciting events coming up!

The first is our monthly Labs hangout.  We are back on a proper
schedule: the third Thursday of every month.  This means the next one
will be next week Thursday, 21 April 2016 at 17:00 GMT.  If you think
you’ll join, leave a comment on the forum topic:


We will also be hosting an in-person event on 26 April in Barcelona
just before TICTeC 2016 to talk about Labs and the D-CENT project:


Before csv,conf in Berlin, we are hosting an Open Data Maker event and
a csv,conf meet and greet:


You can sign up for the Berlin and Barcelona events directly below:

Barcelona: https://attending.io/events/d-cent-and-open-knowledge-labs-meetup
Berlin: https://attending.io/events/csv-conf-pre-event



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