[OKFN-MENA] FWD: All about OKFestival - June 19th

Rayna S rayna at hatewasabi.info
Tue Jun 17 18:02:05 UTC 2014

Dear all,

While I am composing a wrap-up on sessions which might be of particular 
interest for us, feel free to join the google hangout on Thursday: there 
are quite a few nice people to talk to :)

Also -- apologies for my silence. I am currently in Tunisia, helping the 
OpenGovTN collective to get the Open Government Partnership civil 
society events rolling. More will be published on the blog in the coming 
days so stay tuned :)


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June 19th
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Hello!  It is one month until OkFestival. On Thursday, June 19th, The 
OKFest team will join our Community Session to share some highlights. 
But, we really want you to join and tell your story too.  What will you 
be doing for OKfest?

If you are like me, you want some headlines:
1  What's happening
2. What others are excited about and/or planning
3. Essentially: all the things!

Our Team has been feverishly sending out announcements. The community 
presenters and participants have begun preparing their sessions. And, 
some savvy high energy doers are planning amazing pre- and post- event 
activiites plus an Unconference.

Join us via G+ hangout to share all about OkFest. Pitch your session or 
ask for help or offer to help.


If you are not attending OKfest, you are also welcome to join us. 
Perhaps we could cajole you to join in other ways.

Talk soon,



Heather Leson, Community Engagement Director

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