[OKFN-NL] Call for Papers: 5th International USEWOD Workshop: Using the Web in the Age of Data

Hollink, L. l.hollink at vu.nl
Mon Jan 12 11:40:10 UTC 2015

Call for Papers: 5th International USEWOD Workshop: Using the Web in the Age of Data 
co-located with ESWC 2015, 31 May / 1 June 2015, Portoroz, Slovenia 

How will the analysis of Web usage benefit from the possibility to blend the classical log with the structure sourcing from Linked Data, for example when DBpedia and Wikipedia logs are used in combination? Can the progress that has been made on (Read/Write) Linked Data change the way we interact with the Web and what does that mean for the usage analysis capabilities we have at hand today? Can we imagine the invention of completely new paradigms of how content and data on the Web is browsed or consumed? 

In the scope of these core questions the USEWOD workshop invites regular research papers and discussion proposals from Linked Data and Semantic Web researchers but also a wider audience including industry experts, developers, researchers from domains other than computer science, and even members of the general public. We particularly invite contributions about new interaction patterns on the Web and the implications they have on decentralisation, accessibility, usability, privacy, and business models. As a special lightweight feature this year you can directly proceed to http://future.usewod.org and start to engage in the discussion. 
The goal of the USEWOD workshop series has been to create and maintain a forum for researchers to investigate the synergy between the Web of Data and Web usage mining. The key theme of the 5th edition of the USEWOD workshop - using the Web in the age of data - brings together again two spaces that have recently been investigated separately: classical Web usage mining and Web usage mining in the context of the Web of Data. To account for this broadened scope, the USEWOD dataset will be extended by usage data from sources that do not fall into the Web of Data category, for example Wikipedia. 


6 March 2015 - Submission deadline 
3 April 2015 - Notification 
17 April 2015 - Camera-ready version 

== TOPICS == 

The topics of interest include, but are not restricted to: 
* Analysis of usage logs of semantic resources and applications (including analysis of the USEWOD dataset) 
* Statistics of usage of the Linked Data Web 
* Trend detection in the use of Linked Data 
* Usage-based recommendation, personalization and adaptation 
* New ways of publishing data on the Web, and implications for usage analysis. 
* How interaction patterns on the Web can change in the future for the benefit of decentralisation, accessibility, usability, privacy, and business models 
* Methods and tools for semantic analysis of classical usage logs 
* Exploiting usage logs for semantic search. 
* Data sharing, privacy, and privacy-protecting policies and techniques 
* Usage-based evaluation methods and frameworks; gold standards for evaluating Web applications 
* Data-/Web-usage analysis in the context of ideas-usage analysis: data citation, webometrics and scientometrics 


We encourage the submission of full papers up to 5000 words. Short papers describing significant work in progress, late breaking results or ideas, industry papers, or discussion proposals, are also welcome. The papers should be submitted in HTML, but .odt or .doc format is also supported. Once accepted, authors will be asked to annotate and format their submissions for publication in HTML using a predefined template. Regardless of the submission format, the use of hyperlinks in text is encouraged. 

As a lightweight pathway to submit discussion proposals to the workshop, we encourage authors to contribute to the open blog http://future.usewod.org. With this blog we pursue a citizen science approach to the key theme of the workshop. With enough contributions we seek to compile a collaborative publication of all contributors (professional and amateur scientists) with the potential to be properly cited. 

Papers should be submitted no later than midnight Pacific Daylight Time on 6 March 2015, to http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=usewod2015 . 
Accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings (CEUR, online in HTML+RDFa). 

== WORKSHOP ORGANIZERS (alphabetically) == 

* Bettina Berendt - KU Leuven, Belgium 
* Laura Drăgan - University of Southampton, United Kingdom 
* Laura Hollink - VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
* Markus Luczak-Roesch - University of Southampton, United Kingdom 


Further information is available on the workshop website or via email from the workshop organizers. 

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