[Okfn-no] nordic+baltic okfn cooperation and school of data

miska knapek miska at knapek.org
Sun Feb 2 12:48:32 UTC 2014

Dear everyone,

Previously I wrote that, in trying to arrange a Nordic+Baltic OKFN
cooperation, one could try meeting up for the Norwegian Open Data day.

Alas, it seems that the Norwegian Open Data day will be on a different day
than the official open data day, due to Norwegian winter holidays
coinciding with the official Open Data day. And the alternative day of the
Norwegians, the 4th (with a bunch of data journalism there), is
inconvenient for many to participate in.

So, the alternative is that a skype/hangout is arranged, for those
interested in discussing Nordic+Baltic OKFN cooperation.

The date and time for this has yet to be fixed.
But, if you're interested in taking part, please either make it known on
this list, or email me directly.

Thanks and all the best,


miska michael knapek - your local illusionist (designer)
mob. +358-50-320-2616
web: http://knapek.org
animations: http://vimeo.com/miska
images: http://flickr.com/miska_too/sets
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