[Okfn-no] Fresh blog post: The Hunt for Open Data in Sweden 2014

Mattias mattias at okfn.se
Mon Sep 1 06:06:48 UTC 2014

Dear Nordic countries,

Yesterday, our Open Gov specialist Kristina Olausson posted a blog post
about the situation around openness in Sweden regarding open data in
connetion to the upcoming national elections on the 14th of September.
If you can read Swedish, please have a look at the full text or enjoy
the English summary below.

/Summary in English: I recently published a report at the Swedish
think-tank FORES on re-use of public sector information in Sweden. The
result showed that marginal-cost on data is the most efficient way of
creating the optimal re-use of such resources as we saw in several
international studies. Under such conditions it is estimated that the
European market would generate about 27 billion euro per year. However,
for the Swedish market, no such socioeconomic analysis has been made.
Another part of the report studied one particular governmental body,
SMHI, as they last year chose to make their data free of charge. We
wanted to know why they did so as many Swedish public sector bodies use
the charges to cover the cost of their work. The answer was that they
regarded it as a fundamental duty of them to create more public value
and that lowering charges was part of this. As my quote from the
IT-manager says: if other actors are better at using data under the same
circumstances as SMHI, it could be proven that they are better at this
than us. /

Read more (in Swedish) at:

Community Manager
Open Knowledge Sweden

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