[Okfn-no] nordic hackathon? meeting in oslo 23rd october

Serdar Temiz temizserdar at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 00:20:28 UTC 2014

Dear Miska
There can be some people from my group would be interested to visit but I
am not sure we can get any funding or resource to cover travel,
accommodation etc. If you can set up skype call then, our team in different
cities would join in distance at least.


On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 3:21 PM, miska knapek <miska at knapek.org> wrote:

> Dear everyone,
> I just talked to Heather Broomfield of data.no / the Norwegian agency for
> administration and IT, Difi.no.
> [ Please note : read the event, there’s a possible Nordic event coming up
> in 5 weeks time ]
> She mentioned she and some people at Vinnova in Sweden are open to and
> hoping there can be a Nordic hack event, running in parallel across several
> Nordic cities, focusing on similar datasets available in different Nordic
> countries.
> Let’s talk about this in the next Nordic Open Knowledge call. We could
> integrate it into the Nordic OK Roadshow. Or at least it could happen
> within the time that the Nordic OK Roadshow happens.
> But, Heather also mentioned that there’ll be some visitors from Swedish
> Vinnova, at some open data related event in Oslo on the 23rd October.
>  She’d very much welcome other Nordic OK folks to visit at the same time.
> Might anyone be interested? Would be cool to meet up and discuss some of
> our plans in person. Eg. the Nordic hackathon and the Roadshow.
> All the best,
> miska
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