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Hi all,

Just two cents from me:
I think it could be a good idea in engaging the Folkehøjskole. Here in DK, I would suggest you in contacting fx. Højskolen Østersøen (http://www.hojoster.com/)  in Aabenraa in the Southern part of Denmark – they focus in democracy and people empowerment. I know that they used to have courses called Democrazy by a teacher who doesn’t work there anymore though, but I guess it’s still a part of their focus (the teacher is an old friend of mine).

Kind regards,

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Emne: ===SPAM===Re: [Okfn-dk] question : suggestions for nordic cooperation

Hey Martin,

Very good plan. That would be very cool.
From sustainable decentralised energy power to sustainable decentralised people power :)


On 8 August 2015 at 01:37, Martin Malthe Borch <mmborch at gmail.com<mailto:mmborch at gmail.com>> wrote:
One idea..

I would suggest that we organise a one week summer curse on a peoples highschool (Folkehøjskole).
This movement have already been central to the development of the Scandinavian democracy and was the free educational frame in which one of the first big wind turbines where build.
Who knows maybe it could develop into a full program at the school and a yearly summer event where people could meet chat and collaborate..

2015-08-06 10:01 GMT+02:00 miska knapek <miska at knapek.org<mailto:miska at knapek.org>>:
Hey good open data/knowledge folks,

Forgive me for being a bit vague, but I promise it’s to your benefit ;) (erhm… though maybe not entirely “open” ;)

I wonder whether you'd care to offer some ideas and reflections on Nordic cooperation. Some of us inter-Nordic ones will meet physically to discuss what can be done, and how, in terms of developing Nordic cooperation in open data/knowledge, at the end of the month.

It would be really great to gather some ideas from civil society about what kind of efforts that could be good and what kind of activities one could run, in a Nordic open data context.

Though it’s very kind of governments being the primary pushers of this workshop, I fear there might be some ‘innovation’ centric ideas being pursued. It would be good to balance this out with some civil society perspectives.

This is where you come in :)

While of course, a lot of things are primarily realised on a national level, as there are many impressive Nordic examples of, there are initiatives that are easier realised once there's Nordic Council / governmental pressure to realise things, such as something that could come out of a Nordic cooperation (and maybe even some government support :)

We need ideas and things to suggest.

Please list ideas where Nordic cooperation could be good - eg. ideas that aren't possible to realise locally due to political pressure, lack of people, data, and/or funding. Or just mention project that would be great to do internationally, in the Nordics :)

Any notes are very welcome!

Thanks and all the best,


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