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Fantastic Christian.

What would be great to try, is to get people from the different parts of an
open data/knowledge ecosystem involved.
Eg. humanists, scientists/researchers, user centered designers, policy
makers, etc…
I.e. beyond the usual suspects - even if the usual suspects are great ;)

It'd be cool if one could have good contextualised explanations, and to try
be in touch with and involve new people - as mentioned above - to lecture
and/or debate.
At least getting relevant people into the same room, will hopefully start a
discussion of how people can collaborate.

Hope it sounds more promising than a vague description ;)


On 25 February 2015 at 10:52, Christian Villum <villum at autofunk.dk> wrote:

> Thanks Miska, looks great.
> I'm sure that we in the Copenhagen team can at least pull off a meetup or
> hackathon to mark the event + maybe more stuff :)
> -Christian
> On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 9:47 AM, miska knapek <miska at knapek.org> wrote:
>> Hey good folk,
>> Ok, so the Nordic Open Data Week is starting to assume at least a press
>> release :)
>> The 'digitisation agency' organisers of Norway, Sweden and Denmark - plus
>> OKF Finland - have been working on putting together an period, where
>> there'll be - hopefully many - open data/knowledge related events in the
>> Nordic countries. It's everyone's event - with support for running
>> activities here and there.  Please do help make this a good event, and grow
>> the open data/knowledge landscape for everyone.
>> ( Just so it's not missed, I'll put the question at the top )
>> Could you please help by suggesting the following:
>> - Who would like to be involved, in each country?
>> - What kind of online discussion platforms should be used? - Trello,
>> Wordpress, Etherpads, Google docs, Slack?
>> Here's a quick blurb about the event from Vinnova.se's blog:
>> http://blogg.vinnova.se/opendata/nordic-open-data-week-2015/
>> The organisers would like to help set the stage and encourage people to
>> get active regarding open data/knowledge during this week.
>> The more visibility open data/knowledge gets, the more we can get various
>> actors onboard, and the better the eco-system will be.
>> Hopefully there'll be some inter-Nordic activities, taking open
>> data/knowledge to an international level. Moreover, if we get a bit of
>> Nordic momentum, we can get together and push governments to do things that
>> are either happening in other countries, or that aren't happening at all.
>> At least in the Swedish perspective, the key focus of the event is to
>> make open data/knowledge tangible for everyday people. The Swedes would
>> very much like to see visualisation, physicalisations, and art made of open
>> data/knowledge, to get it into the realm of more people.
>> From the VInnova blog:
>> <quote>
>> The Nordic Open Data Week 2015 will bring together interested parties
>> from the Nordic countries to work simultaneously on open data. Each country
>> has earlier had activities such as hackathons and competitions at the
>> national level with great success; raising this to the cross-border level
>> can bring added value in terms of new and better services – both at a
>> cross-border and national level, while also acting as a catalyst to open up
>> even more data from public sector vaults.
>> Each country will organize at least one hackathon and other open data
>> related activities to coincide with the Nordic Open Data Week. Ideally each
>> country will have more than one event in more than one city. The
>> participants will come from the public and private sectors and civil
>> society.
>> </quote>
>> All the best,
>> miska
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