[OKFN-NP] Announcement of open election data week

Prakash Neupane nprkshn at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 04:45:55 UTC 2013

Dear all

Open Election Data Week
In Nepal, CA election result is coming on. very unexpected result has seen,
Everyone is observing the things happening here. People are starting to
predict the outcomes of new constitution While the time, we have decided to
organize full week election data activities, where we can present the
result in more better way, so more people can understand it.
Open Election Data Week is happening from 24th Nov to 30th. This is only
online event, so you can contribute from anywhere so matters where u

If you like to contribute, please participate by filling this form...you
will get confirmation with some guidance.

Deadline from filling this form is upto 23rd 11:59 PM

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   Full Name *
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   -  Information Gathering
      -  Data Wrangling
      -  Data Visualization
      -  Data Analysis / Creative thinking
      -  News Writing
      -  Other:
   What is your availability (GMT 5.45) *
   -  Morning
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      -  Anytime
      -  Other:
   Never submit passwords through Google Forms.

Prakash Neupane
Open Knowledge Enthusiastic
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