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Thu Oct 16 17:16:16 UTC 2014

Anybody interested?

Let's work together!

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Date: Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 10:36 PM
Subject: Updating the Global Open Data Index for Nepal?
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Hi Prakash and Kshitiz,

Hope all is well?

As you know we're putting a lot of effort into the Global Open Data Index
(last years Census) this autumn, and we would like to get things updated
and brushed off for Nepal. Would you - or any of your group members,
friends or colleagues - be interested in making submissions for to the
Index over the next week or so, so we can get Nepal up to date?

The ways that you can contribute have slightly changed this year.  You can
read up about it here:
and here is a video tutorial of how to get involved:

Beyond contributing datasets, we are also looking mentors and reviewers:

Mentors support the Index in a variety of ways from engaging new
contributors, mentoring them and generally promoting the Index in their
community. Activities can include running short virtual “office hours” to
support and advise other contributors, promoting the Index with civil
society organizations – blogging, tweeting etc. If you would like to sign
up, please fill in this form

Reviewers are specially selected experts who review submissions and check
them to ensure information is accurate and up-to-date and that the Index is
generally of high-quality. If you would like to sign up to be a
Reviewer, please
fill in this form

More useful resources available here

Hope you can help out, so that we can make sure Nepal is adequately
represented in the coming Global Open Data Index presentation in November!

If you have questions simply get in touch with me or the Index Community
Coordinator, Mor Rubinstein, on mor.rubinstein at okfn.org


PS: We would also love to include you in the communication around the
Index. What did you think of your country's progress, or lack of progress,
in 2014?  What is the most interesting development in open data in your
country?  If you have any thoughts or reflections, please write in to
emma.beer at okfn.org and we will be in touch.  If you are interested in
writing up your experience for when the 2014 Index is officially published
(in November), please also let us know.


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International Community Manager

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