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Subject: AidData Summer Fellows Program Host Recruitment
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We hope this email finds you well! We are writing because the AidData
Summer Fellows Program, funded through the partnership between the AidData
Center for Development Policy and USAID’s Higher Education Solutions
Network, is once again recruiting Fellows and placement organizations for
the summer of 2016.

AidData <http://aiddata.org> works to increase the impact of development
assistance by producing high-quality of development data, analytic tools,
and research to enable the development community to make better aid
allocation, coordination, and evaluation decisions. AidData has also
pioneered the methodology to systematically code the sub-national locations
of donor-funded projects (“geocoding”), enabling development stakeholders
to "follow the money" with unprecedented accuracy.

Beginning in 2010 AidData has worked with International Economic
Cooperation Coordination Division in the Ministry of Finance to geocode the
universe of aid information in the MOF Aid Management Platform. In 2013
that information was made publicly available via
http://amis.mof.gov.np/portal/ and can also be found in a research release
<http://aiddata.org/blog/nepal-aid-management-platform-goes-public> on
AidData’s website.

We think that your organization could potentially use these data to advance
your development work and improve aid effectiveness in Nepal. AidData would
be interested to work together with you on projects that involve the use of
the Nepal geocoded aid information. We have included an attachment which
provides more information on the possible applications of geocoded aid

To facilitate the completion of these activities, we have created the
AidData Summer Fellows program, which places students with expertise in
geocoding and geospatial analysis to work with local development
organizations for 10 weeks over the summer to build capacity in geocoded
data management, visualization and analysis. Past Summer Fellows have
trained journalists to build their capacity to use spatial data for
evidence-based reporting, collaborated with think-tanks to incorporate
geocoded aid information into their policy analysis, worked with government
line ministries to develop offline spatial visualization resources for
fieldwork, and engaged with students and faculty at universities to
incorporate geospatial analysis into their studies and research. Your
organization has been brought to our attention as potentially being a good
fit for receiving a Summer Fellow.

Attached is a backgrounder with more information about the mission of the
AidData Summer Fellows Program and the impact Fellows have made at past
placements. If you feel that there is a project at your organization that
could benefit from collaboration with a Fellow and are interested in being
a host organization during summer 2016, please fill out the attached
expression of interest, and prepare an expected scope of work by

If you have questions or would like more information, do not hesitate to
contact Alena Stern, Michael Christesen and Emily McLenigan at
summerfellows at aiddata.org, or visit aiddata.org/aiddata-summer-fellows.

Thank you!

Alena Stern, Michael Christesen, and Emily McLenigan

AidData Summer Fellows Operations Team
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