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Invitatie la Open Knowledge Festival!

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Dear everyone,

 OKFestival is upon us….well, almost! 2 weeks from now it all goes down in
Berlin’s hottest spot - Kulturbrauerei - which will be filled with open
knowledge, open data and open EVERYTHING enthusiasts from all over the
globe. It’s going to be the biggest open knowledge event ever seen on
Planet Earth!

Now, there are two ways to be a part of this amazing community event: you
can either organise (or join) a fringe event anywhere in the world and link
up with the Festival (add your event through the link below) - or, you can join
us in Berlin, be at the center of it all and contribute a personal verse to
this historic event which will shape the future of the Open Movement.

The festival will be so jam-packed with sessions, chats, keynotes,
workshops, hacks, artworks, collaborations and virtual friends meeting each
other for the first time that you definitely shouldn’t risk missing out. As
they say, nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come - and
the time for open knowledge and open data is now - so let’s work together
to build the world we want. Come to Berlin and stand with us at ground zero
of the biggest gathering the open knowledge movement has ever seen!

Join from afar - submit your fringe event here:


Join from within - buy your ticket here:

*http://2014.okfestival.org/tickets/ <http://2014.okfestival.org/tickets/>*

More than anything, this Festival is a celebration of and by the community
- of which you are all such key members - and the Open Knowledge Festival
will not be the same if you are not part of it. Each of you brings
something unique, irreplaceable and inimitable to this event - imagine the
impact we can have if we all come together as a global movement from July
15th-17th - in Berlin or wherever else you might be.

Let’s do this, world!

- Open Knowledge


Christian Villum
International Community Manager

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