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Daca doriti sa va implicati in Global Open Data Index anul acesta, iata cum
o puteti face.


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Date: Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 8:13 PM
Subject: Community shout out - Be the first to know about the 2014 Global
Open Data Index!
To: Christian Villum <christian.villum at okfn.org>

Hello friends,

As a valued supporter of the Global Open Data Index (formerly known as both
the Census and the Index) we would like to inform you first about our
upcoming events and sprint schedule.

We tremendously appreciate your efforts for open data and would like to
update you about some minor changes we have made in the Index workflow in
order to accommodate your needs and make the Index even better than last

On Monday 30 September, the official “Global Open Data Index Marathon”, a
series of regional sprints where we open the Index to new submissions,
starts. This year, the sprints will be regional community efforts in which
we will have dedicated time to answer questions and to fill-in the Index
together. Hopefully many new people will come on board and submit datasets!

Last year, we used the term ‘Country Editors’ as our point of reference,
and many of you were country editors. Editors not only reviewed datasets,
but also helped make and promote contributions to the Census in their
country. This year we decided to divide this role up and would like to give
you the opportunity to choose how you will participate in the Global Open
Data Index 2014 by becoming a Mentor, a Reviewer or both!


   Become a mentor - A mentor is a valued supporter of the Index. This role
   involves a contributing to community engagement and outreach. A mentor can
   help us to find new contributors (volunteers who enter submissions to the
   Index) or support contributors by having an online ‘office hour’ (usually
   just once over the course of the sprints), in order to promote the Index to
   civil society organisations.  We would also invite mentors to write blog
   posts and tweets in their native language. If you want to become a mentor,
   please fill in this form:


   Become a reviewer - A reviewer is involved in the final assessment stage
   of the Index, which takes place after the sprints. The reviewer reviews all
   the submissions of a country, validating the results and making corrections
   where needed. This year we will have one reviewer per country in order
   to simplify the validation of results.  If you are an open data expert
   and want to help us please fill this form:

The Open Data Census mailing list is still the main communication channel
for all correspondence (also between Mentors and Reviewers), so if you’re
not already signed up we strongly suggest you do so: https://lists.okfn

We hope to see many of you active on the list. Also, you are welcome to
share your thoughts and ideas on the Index Community Pad.

The sprint schedule, based upon regional time zones is as follows:



30-SEP-2014 -> 03-OCT-2014

Sprint, Latin America + North America (at ConDatos, come say hi!)

08-OCT-2014 -> 10-OCT-2014

Sprint, Europe + Africa + MENA

(Regional Google Hangout to follow)

13-OCT-2014 -> 15-OCT-2014

Sp(Regional Google Hangout to follow)rint, Asia + Pacific


“Global Madness” - WHOLE WORLD fills any remaining data gaps

The sprints will be launched with a blog post from us which will be posted
to the OKFN <https://okfn.org>website shortly - stay tuned.

At the conclusion of the sprints we’ll be asking you about this new process
and how it worked to inform next year’s process.

We are very excited to run this upcoming Index with you. Please email us if
you have questions.

Yours truly,

Mor and Christian
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