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Hi Everyone,

Open Knowledge are delighted to advertise several new open positions:


   Project Manager - Open Data [Deadline 31st of March]

   Python Developer [Deadline 2nd April]

   Frontend Developer [Rolling deadine]

   Data Wrangler [Rolling deadline]

A brief summary on each post can be found below. Full details and
application form can be found on http://okfn.org/about/jobs/.

Please forward to relevant lists and individuals!


Project Manager - Open Data

We are looking for a professional and dynamic hands-on project manager to
manage a portfolio of projects at Open Knowledge - an international,
world-leading non-profit working on open data.  The project management
style will need to fit within our creative and innovative atmosphere, and
should help us retain organisational flexibility and agility.

The projects requiring management will vary, but in general will range from
£25k/several months/1-2 team members, to £500k+/several years/4-6 team
members. Some projects will involve substantial software design and
delivery and require good technical understanding and the ability to manage
a technology delivery project. In general the project teams are made up of
specialists who have a good sense of the area of work and may be able to be
the public face of the project; the key role of the project manager is to
ensure planning, delivery, tracking and reporting occurs reliably and to a
good standard.

Open Knowledge's partners and clients include national government bodies,
NGOs, and organisations such as the World Bank. Projects funded by grants
are delivered for philanthropic foundations, the European Commission (eg.
through the FP7/H2020 programme) and others.

Find out more or apply » <https://okfn.org/about/jobs/>
Python Developer

Working in the fast-growing area of open data, we build open source tools
to drive transparency, accountability and data-driven insight. Our flagship
product CKAN <http://ckan.org/> runs official national data portals from
the UK to Brazil, US to Australia and hundreds more around the world. We
also build a variety of other open source software to help people access
information and turn data into insight.

We’re looking for a python developer to join our team who is smart,
quick-to-learn and interested in contributing to a fast-growing and
exciting area. You can be based anywhere - we operate as a virtual, online
team - and can offer a flexible working structure - we care about delivery,
not being 9-5 at your desk!

Find out more or apply » <https://okfn.org/about/jobs/>
Data Wrangler

Work on cutting edge data-driven, high impact open knowledge projects with
a world-leading non-profit in areas ranging from government finances to

We are looking for someone with good experience in “small-to-medium” data
wrangling (e.g. you’ve been scraping in python for a while, have a deep
love for CSV ... ). You must be a self-starter, capable of working remotely
and taking initiative as well as working effectively in a team with others.

Find out more or apply » <https://okfn.org/about/jobs/>

Frontend Developer

We are looking for talented front-end developers to work with us on an
ongoing, freelance basis on a variety of open-source data-driven projects
ranging from healthcare to illegal logging.

Find out more or apply » <https://okfn.org/about/jobs/>

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