[Okfn-se] open knowledge nordics update, and call : wedensday 2014.06.04

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Mon May 26 13:03:25 UTC 2014

Dear Nordic OKF bunch,

I hope you can join again for the next call, so we can coordinate.
The next call is on Wednesday 4th June, 10:00 Central European Time.

I'll still try looking into alternative and open communications solutions,
But if nothing else it's Skype again.
Please feel free to note your contact details in the pad, and any
suggestions of what to talk about:

There's at least many things we could about, whether now or in Berlin.
I've pasted in some of the things suggested already:


OKF Finland is working on getting an instance of the German+Austrian
Freedom of Information Request portal software going. OKF Sweden is now
working in collaboration with OKF Finland to get its own instance.

It’s Django based and it’s been translated into Finnish, Swedish-Finnish
and Swedish-Swedish by OKF Finland and OKF Sweden (mostly Mattias).

Anyone else interested in getting a Froide installation going, is welcome
to contact and collaborate with OKF Finland.



Satellite event for the OK Festival?

Alas, the submission for a Nordic OKF interested-folks meetup at the OKF
Festival didn’t make it through. We should in any event meet up when we’re
all in the same place. I’ll ask around to find out what good alternative
venues might be.

Let’s try coordinate and put together an agenda of what to talk about.

Open government technologeis census

Jaakko Korhonen from OKF Finland, who also works at the Finnish ministry of
Justice, is trying to benchmark open government technologies, for
consideration of inclusion in open government processes.  Feel free to
contribute here:


Open Knowledge Roadshow - Nordic edition.

OKF Finland would like to do a Nordic repeat of the public educational
effort that was the 2013 Open Knowledge Roadshow. *We need help finding
places to visit and local initiatives. Please help ;)*

* Background : *

This year and last year OKF Finland has worked on an outreach programme
regarding open nowledge/data, called the Open Knowledge Roadshow.

The Roadshow travelled to six Finnish cities, spreading knowledge about
Open Knowledge and supporting local initiatives.

The Roadshow team included various Open Knowledge related initiatives, from
outside OKF Finland, as well as from within.

Alas, most the documentation is in Finnish, but, well, Googel tranlsate
does a fair job of translating the related webpages:


Places api

OKF Finland ( mostly Jaakko Korhonen ) is setting up a geolocation lookup
server. This will openly provide the ability to look up addresses from
coordinates and get coordinates from addresses.


Some of OKF Finland is involved in developing the EU D-Cent platform,
http://dcentproject.eu/, providing a decentralised communication platforms
for personal and app needs.

Decisions api

There’s work at OKF Finland - by way of Raimo Muurinen happening to try
develop global standards for political decision-making processes. Feel free
to get involved and mention local initiatives and ideas.

All the best,

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