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Hey everyone,

So, we had a good call  on the 1st of October.

The Nordic Open Knowledge Roadshow project will be quite cool - we have
many good people on board - we just need to organise it :)

*{ notes : OK Nordics call 20141001 }*

__At the meetup__:

Livar Bergheim ( .no )

Heather Broomfield ( .no )

Markus Petteri Laine ( okf .fi )

Kim Bach ( okf .dk )

Per Fredrik Sjöberg ( okf .se )

Serdar Temiz ( okf .se )

Miska Knapek ( okf .fi/nordics )


- organising cross-Nordic hackathon - 4th April 2015

- Starting thinking about a Nordic edition of the Open Knowledge Roadshow
concept that was realised in Finland, in now three editions.

- Homework for next time

- Next call : doodle

*__Cross-Nordic Hackathon__*


Government open data coordinators, in the form of Heather Broomfield (
Norway ), Erik Borälv ( Sweden ) and Catrine Lippert (Denmark ), in
September, discussed the idea of holding a cross-Nordic hackathon, and then
mentioned it to me.

*Getting cross-border open data sharing + development going*

A concept that was mentioned as a possibility is to, use datasets about the
same matter, local to each Nordic country. ( Comparisons of similar issues
across the Nordic region, could also be part of this :) .


While inter-Nordic collaborations on open data are a bit slow to get
started, a cross-Nordic hackathon could be a good way to get inter-Nordic
open data action on a government level going - plus also doing a wealth of
good for cross-Nordic communities.


Early April 2015 ( Is April 4th the official data? ) seems like a good
time. Hack for Sweden is happening then and the gathering of hacking in
Sweden could be a good opportunity to gather enthusiasts in other Nordic
countries too.

*Combining with the Nordic OK Roadshow*

( please see notes about the Nordic OK Roadshow )

It could make a lot of sense to combine and integrate a cross Nordic
hackathon into the Nordic OK Roadshow. Let’s figure out how to manage times
and dates.

Some of the Nordic OK Roadshow events could, for instance, help prepare
people for hackathon events.

*_How to get going with this? ( consider this homework for next time :) *

- Please look at these tasks and either share your thoughts online, email
them to me, and/or bring them up in the next online meetup.

- Figure out which datasets or these to consider. Eg. one could look at
environmental, health, traffic, or business matters, whether or not exactly
the same datasets exist across the Nordic region.

For some ideas of the data that’s available in Sweden, have a glance here:


and here:


- Try get some ideas about where one could do hackathons in your country,
and the people interested in a hackathon?

- Are there any special interest groups and/or NGOs which have some
questions that could use clarifying using cross-Nordic data?

- Would one run some kind of educational days beforehand, where one can
help cross-disciplinary teams understand the importance and use of other
team-members’ knowledge? - Eg. about programming, design and humanistic

*__Nordic Open Knowledge Roadshow : first thoughts __*

*Background : *

OKF Finland suggested it’d be great to repeat the Open Knowledge Roadshow
concept that is now being realised for the third time in Finland, in a
Nordic edition.

The Open Knowledge Roadshow concept in Finland has a focus on building
local open knowledge interested communities and exchanging ideas about open
knowledge between localities. By building a open knowledge event together,
local communities strengthen and knowledge is shared…. openly :)

In each city, the local city council and/or university was contacted and
asked whether they would welcome an Open Knowledge event happening in their
cities. Typically they’d say yes and would also provide space for the
event, plus maybe some other support So, it’s a good plan to ask the local

*Thoughts on this:*

- Let’s integrate the cross-Nordic hackathon into the OK Nordic Roadshow.
At least put it into the schedule, at best, integrate it with some of the
local events.

- The EARLIEST event is 6 MONTHS FROM NOW. So there’s still time until we
worry ourselves to bits :)

*What can be a roadshow event?*

This is very open to local organisation - to strengthen local communities -
but here are some ideas:

- Speakers from other regions offering ‘success stories’ of various open
data/knowledge related matters.

- Community organisation/activation speakers.

- Data tools / concept + design development teaching.

- Hackathons of local data.

- Workshops to investigate local problems and how they could be eased
through open data solutions.

- Workshops to investigate the utility of open data for local businesses.

- Academia : people thinking about or already including open data in their

- Academia : design and software development teachers/specialists about
the importance of human centered design in service development.

- NGOs using or thinking  using Open Data/Knowledge. Eg. parliamentary
monitoring organisations, environmental organisations, international
development organisations, etc…

What do to now? / *HOMEWORK*

- List the open knowledge/data related projects there in a given country.
This would be helpful for figuring out who might be relevant to present
something in a different city or country.

- Figure out which cities would be relevant.

- Figure out who relevantly interested people - even people who might not
be interested in the topic now, but for whom it could be very relevant - in
the various cities.

*__ Next call __*

*The next call is on Wednesday 2014.10.15  - TIME TO BE DETERMINED - take
the doodle poll pelase :>> **http://doodle.com/hdum4h66np2keqh8cixyam5k*

 *Hear/See you!*


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web: http://knapek.org
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