[Okfn-se] notes about an open knowledge roadshow - hopefully we'll make a nordic+baltic one too!

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Hey everyone,

Here are some notes related to doing a Nordic Open Knowledge Roadshow. I
talked to some of the organisers of the Finnish edition, and got some

Let's get the show on the road, starting during the next OK Nordics skype
meetup on the 1st October. Here goes:

____ Nordic + Baltic edition

( ps. OK Finland has been trying to do something with Estonia for a while
now, so let's include Estonia too... after all, it's almost a part of the
Nordic countries, with both Sweden and Denmark having colonised it... ;)

Intro: Open ended doings
The concept is open to modification and local adaptation. Mainly the
concept is important to help inspire people do something. How and what is
done, exactly, is best worked out in the moment and local context.

Imperative : Bring people together and exchange ideas!
The Open Knowledge roadshow main focus is to get local communities going.
The content of the day(s) that are organised in a particular city, are not
necessarily  as important as the local community doing something together,
and thus becoming more of a community.
So, one can say two main goals of a OK Roadshow event is :
- to bring people together
- to exchange ideas.

In brief : The Open Knowledge Roadshow in Finland
In Finland local communities organised local arrangements, sometimes
including central OK Finland + Finnish open data activists. Sometimes open
data/knowledge furthering initiatives and institutions from Helsinki and/or
Tampere would come and present at the local events, other-times and mostly,
it was locals. Importantly, what went into the local events was decided
mostly locally... with a bit of help from above.

How the Finnish Open Knowledge Roadshow was organised
During the first year, a number of cities were nominated, and where no-one
was known to be interested in open knowledge/data there, a lot of
cold-calling was needed. But, hey, it worked, and there's now six new OKfi
chapters in six different Finnish cities.
During the second year the Finnish Open Knowledge Roadshow was held, the
new local chapters organised the local events themselves.

Local and non local, and inter-Nordic+Baltic
Of course, even though a lot of local organisation should be done, the
local events can also include and feature - as mentioned above - people
from other cities/countries. The Roadshow can be a good vehicle for
connecting people from different institutions, efforts, and regions.... or
Nordic countries!
Ideally there's a chance to connect relevant people and institutions from
different Nordic countries, in at least some of the events of a given
country. Let's figure out how to do this. There should be a number of
inter-Nordic funding opportunites to foot the exchange.

Now, how to do it in the Nordics+Baltics?
Of course, this is open to modification, but here are some ideas.
- Let's say that we should start planning about half a year before the
roadshow begins.
- We decide on some cities and dates.
- Figure out some way of organising and sharing information online. In
Finland, Facebook was used rather a lot, but also other tools like Trello
and Hackdash.
We can probably figure out some good tools between us all.
( - We can also share some logos and identity material, to get the local
events looking official in a hurry. )

Again, the key is to do this in a open and collaborative way, and let's use
this as an opportunity to not only make the local groups get together and
get closer together, but us in the Nordic+Baltics too :) !

How do *I* take part?
You’re welcome to join the next OK Nordics skype call, on Wednesday the 1st
of October, where we have a bit of a kick-off meeting for the whole show.
(We’ve yet to decide on a specific time for the call - please help us find
a time by filling in the doodle poll here http://doodle.com/9449mi7qq2n8w22n
We’ll in any event keep the planning and notes public, and you’ll have more
opportunities to participate!

(One of the logs of the OK Nordic folks - and this could include you! - is
the etherpad here : https://pad.okfn.org/p/okfn_nordics_hangout_pad . We
try keep notes of our calls and what has been said & planned there. )

All the merriest,


miska michael knapek - your local illusionist (designer)
mob. +358-50-320-2616
web: http://knapek.org
animations: http://vimeo.com/miska
images: http://flickr.com/miska_too/sets
code/github: https://github.com/miskaknapek
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