[Okfn-se] OK Nordics call October - please fill in doodle

miska knapek contactmiska at knapek.org
Fri Sep 12 10:15:27 UTC 2014

Hey everyone,

Sorry about being ill last time - it took a while to shake off the flu too.

So, let's find a time for the next call.
I would have suggested to do it two weeks after the missed call, but that's
when the Open Finland / Avoin Suomi 2014 event happens... and if we have a
call one week later, then it's one week before the usual monthly slot.
Please fill in the time of day that suits and we'll do it.

I've talked more with Antti Jogi Poikola, who was one of the main
organisers of the Finnish Open Knowledge Roadshow, and he's given me plenty
of insight and advice as to what it's about and how to organise it ( not to
worry - it's very much local and peer-to-peer organisation, it'd be
difficult to direct it top down - but we can help one another :) .
I'll type up the notes from the conversation with Jogi during the weekend.

In the midst I'll also try having a few calls with various OK organisers in
the Nordic countries, to get an overview of what's where. Helps with

I think it makes sense to hold calls every other week - if not more often -
and to figure out a common communications platform for helping one another
organise the OK Roadshow.

Looking forward to hearing and seeing you, and getting the show on the road


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