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Wed Feb 25 08:47:58 UTC 2015

Hey good folk,

Ok, so the Nordic Open Data Week is starting to assume at least a press
release :)

The 'digitisation agency' organisers of Norway, Sweden and Denmark - plus
OKF Finland - have been working on putting together an period, where
there'll be - hopefully many - open data/knowledge related events in the
Nordic countries. It's everyone's event - with support for running
activities here and there.  Please do help make this a good event, and grow
the open data/knowledge landscape for everyone.

( Just so it's not missed, I'll put the question at the top )
Could you please help by suggesting the following:
- Who would like to be involved, in each country?
- What kind of online discussion platforms should be used? - Trello,
Wordpress, Etherpads, Google docs, Slack?

Here's a quick blurb about the event from Vinnova.se's blog:

The organisers would like to help set the stage and encourage people to get
active regarding open data/knowledge during this week.
The more visibility open data/knowledge gets, the more we can get various
actors onboard, and the better the eco-system will be.

Hopefully there'll be some inter-Nordic activities, taking open
data/knowledge to an international level. Moreover, if we get a bit of
Nordic momentum, we can get together and push governments to do things that
are either happening in other countries, or that aren't happening at all.

At least in the Swedish perspective, the key focus of the event is to make
open data/knowledge tangible for everyday people. The Swedes would very
much like to see visualisation, physicalisations, and art made of open
data/knowledge, to get it into the realm of more people.

>From the VInnova blog:

The Nordic Open Data Week 2015 will bring together interested parties from
the Nordic countries to work simultaneously on open data. Each country has
earlier had activities such as hackathons and competitions at the national
level with great success; raising this to the cross-border level can bring
added value in terms of new and better services – both at a cross-border
and national level, while also acting as a catalyst to open up even more
data from public sector vaults.

Each country will organize at least one hackathon and other open data
related activities to coincide with the Nordic Open Data Week. Ideally each
country will have more than one event in more than one city. The
participants will come from the public and private sectors and civil

All the best,


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