[Okfn-se] Nordic Open Data Gathering - a day in April (21st)?

miska knapek miska at knapek.org
Sun Mar 6 17:55:18 UTC 2016

Dear everyone,

We’d like to have a day in April, where Nordic open data enthusiasts
actually meet under the same roof.
Would you like to help make it happen?

We need you - the community - to help come up with themes, sessions and

There is going to be a Nordic open data gathering, as a satellite
(preceding) event to the Nordic Data Journalism Conference NODA16.

The NODA16 organisers have kindly granted the Nordic open data community
the space to do this. Open Knowledge Finland is perhaps the most local

The Nordic Open Data Day/Gathering happens on the 21st April, and NODA16 on
the 22nd-23rd April.

Best vs. Worst Case Scenario.

In the best case we'll actually meet in Helsinki. Maybe as a Plan-B, we'll
meet online. As a Plan-C that will happen in any event, we'll develop
online material overviewing who's involved in open data/knowledge matters,
in the Nordic region - plus a Nordic calendar of relevant events. So,
something good will come out of it in any event, regardless of how things

So.... We need you to....

...help develop the schedule.
Help develop which themes should be looked at, and help establish who’s
relevant and who might be coming….and collaborate on putting together the

Using the etherpad below, feel very welcome suggest and collaborating on:


   suggesting themes

   suggesting sessions within these themes,

   suggesting relevant people to have along. (This also includes people of
   a particular topic area, in Finland, who we could look into finding).

   and write down your own name in the list of interested participants, if
   you’d like to come :)

Planning Hackpad

Ideas for themes

There is already a open geodata session in the planning, by okf.fi, which
you're very welcome to develop.

Otherwise there are some okf.fi working groups, of people interested in
various topics, that would welcone you to build up something together with

The open science, open democracy, open sustainability and open education
(also including data literacy) working groups are some of the most active
ones. They could be a good starting point.

Again, of course, we're really interest in hearing your ideas and topics.
So feel very encouraged to join us in the planning.

Pre-pre / post events

If you feel you might need more time for meetings, it's also possible to
arrange some ad hoc meetings the day before, or the day after

the 21st. Do lot us know your needs, and coordinate with others.

Travel help…tbd

Alas, looking into getting travel grants for you all is still a
work-in-progress. There isn’t a definite sense whether this is possible or
not :(


NODA16 will have many really great data (and data journalism, naturally)
related events, including a visit from Simon Rogers, previously of the data
desk at The Guardian and now at Google, as well as Paul Bradshaw, and Jan
van Tulp (famous information visualiser), plus many more very good events.

Alas NODA16 is a pay-for event :(

All the bests,

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