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關於 Census 的問題請大家注意一下,我轉過來(因為有轉到公開的討論群組)。

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Date: Fri, May 1, 2015 at 11:15 PM
Subject: Open Data Census and Global Open Data Index technical update
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Dear Census and Index users and admins,

In the last couple of months we have been experiencing some faults with our
local open data census instances and the Global open data index and we
wanted to give you a bit of background on what causes the problems and the
way forward.

The errors are due to the fact that The Census codebase is built on top of
Google Spreadsheets, which serves as the database for all submissions and
places. Google Spreadsheets makes it easy to get the Census up and running,
and also provides easy access for content editing. However, over time, and
as the census has grown, we have increasingly experienced problems with the
way we connect to Google Spreadsheets, leading to errors that require
manual intervention. We are dealing with those during European and Indian
office hours.

If you do experience a fault on one of the Census instance - please know
that we are getting notifications from Google about this as it happens and
we are dealing with them asap. There is no need to notify us separately. We
thank you for your cooperation and patience so far.

There are various technical solutions to address the connectivity issues,
and we are now discussing how and when we will make such changes. Hopefully
we can resolve this issue once and for all soon. If you want to help us
with the back-end of the census or if you have any more questions, please
let us know either on-list or by emailing index at okfn.org.

Best regards,

Mor, on behalf of the Open Knowledge team

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